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Tyler for Trevor 24/7

May 1, 2019

We are forever indebted to the amazing Tyler Oakley for being the launch face of the partnership between AT&T and The Trevor Project.

TrevorText and TrevorChat are services that connect LGBTQ+ youth in crisis with support in their time of need — and all without the need to speak out loud.

Now, thanks to the partnership with AT&T who are powering these services – they are now offered 24/7 – so anytime and anywhere a young person can reach out and get help. Whether it’s on a crowded school bus, in the middle of the night, or out with their family and friends – this service is now always available.

We are proud to be a partner to The Trevor Project and very proud to power this service.

Thank you for being the face of this Tyler, thank you for your commitment to helping LGBTQ+ youth in need, you are wonderful.

To hear Tyler’s story about a time he would have used TrevorText or TrevorChat, click here.