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Tyler Oakley - My 24/7 Story

May 1, 2019

This year Tyler Oakley became the face of an amazing partnership between AT&T and The Trevor Project. TrevorText and TrevorChat, services that connect LGBTQ+ youth in crisis with the support they need are now 24/7 as powered by AT&T.

In this film Tyler explores his past and the sometimes difficult emotional journey to his open, full and honest LGBTQ+ identity. He reflects on the times in his own life when he would have loved to know services like TrevorChat and TrevorText existed.

We are going to gush a little now, but we are eternally grateful to Tyler for his openness and support for a cause like this. We are proud to work with someone so giving to our community. Tyler, we love you, and thank you.


To see Tyler Oakley’s TrevorText and TrevorChat PSA, click here.